On Win It All Directed by Joe Swanberg

Eddie Garret played by Jake Johnson earns his living out of betting and has always believed in the concept of easy money that  makes its way and never thought to strive hard to have his bank balance doubled up.

win it all

Eddie gets himself trapped in a situation by opening up a bag which has been left at his place by one of his mates involved in betting and some sort of other crimes before getting into the prison for some months. Eddie gets a decent amount to have the bag safe with him at his place. Bag contains tons of cash and other stupid equipment.

Eddie has mostly been a loser as far as his betting business was concerned and Eddie couldn’t resist himself to have the cash removed from the bag and bet as much possible and make lots of more money from the cash there in hand. At the initial stage, Eddie wins money that suddenly makes him a lavish spender and loses all what he has earned by paying off bills for other tables and he finds a good looking girl for himself at the same bar and somethings do take off from there on wards between the two of them.

As Eddie starts to lose more and more money, he decides to join his family business which is in full control of his brother and works on a deal for an amount to pay off all the losses incurred. Alongside Eddie is madly in love with Eva played by Aisslin Derbez and starts dating here and stops betting totally,

Suddenly his mate from the prison is planned for a release 6 months prior from the mentioned date by him before. Eddie gets confused as to how he can recover such a big amount. This makes his take the remaining money lying in the bag and bet as much possible and WIN IT ALL back.

It was indeed a tough exercise for him but he does manage to sail through with an heart attack while playing and luckily its all good in the end.

Good film to kill time and entertaining enough.



On Kodachrome

Kodachrome is one of those rare gems which is rarely to be seen in today’s time.


It delivers a really sweet message which is to move on in life and be close to people who you’d be losing at any point of time in life.

It’s filmed on a road trip of a father and a son and also accompanies a nurse who is to look after the most aged one in the group of three who is down with cancer and has very less number of days to live.

Kodak decides to discontinue on the processing of Kodachrome reels so Ed Harris decides to go on a trip with the last reel there with him and before his death he had to work on his last project with Kodachrome lens.

There are conflicts between Ed Harris and Jason Sudeikis who is playing his son and they do manage to develop love within themselves for each other and Ed’s dream finally ends on a good note and with final reel that had pictures of the road trip, there were a few other reels unprocessed and the same was handed over to Kodak gallery and on the delivery of the pictures Jason found pictures of him and his mother of his childhood days and Ed conveyed a message which was he always loved his family and he regrets leaving his wife and his son for years and his son had to live with his uncle and aunt before he could get into any sort of a job in his life.

Jason always hated his father so he wasn’t too keen to come on this road trip but it was a deal his father’s manager proposed which was to go on this trip and he would help Jason to have a contract signed with a popular music band which would help Jason retain his job as he has been a non performer for years. The deal doesn’t work out as Band members laugh off as Ed’s takes a leak in his pant and Jason couldn’t digest the insult and refuses to talk more to the band members and leaves.

Also in the journey, Jason develops love for Elizabeth Olsen who is the nurse for Ed and the love works out towards the end.

A very special film for many number of reasons. Thanks to Netflix and Mark Raso who directed this film.

On Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

I am not saying I totally loved the film. But as the film starts, I was clueless what’s happening and expected a much better start and a plot. But guess what, it slowly started getting better. Did manage to sink in and the amazing songs suddenly made it a very intense and an amazing flick with entertainment and handful of amazing scenes after a few minutes into the film.

Then comes the second half which was beautifully directed and only the last 20 minutes are an exception here. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan walked in and made it a better film altogether. I did not like Anushka Sharma in the film and after she was out of the frame for a while, Ash totally nailed it with every scene and Ranbir Kapoor had a much better chemistry with her and unfortunately it ends really soon and it was clear that the  film would get back to what it was earlier.I badly want the two of them in another film.


Then comes the Title track which was beautifully shot and is one of the highlights of the film. No one can shoot songs better than Karan Johar. Ranbir Kapoor was amazing as an actor and managed to save the sinking boat. Other than that it’s just the songs, locations and good performances that makes it a watchable flick. Srk leaves a huge mark with his 5 minutes role and explains Unrequited love beautifully.

Well I expected much more from this one. Nothing else to say.

It’s a good film altogether but not a very good film. If you call it a bad film, It’s not a very bad film.


(UN)Independent India… 

I think whatever is happening with Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is sad and unfortunate. I am not in support of any Pakistani actor and I feel India has enough of talent and it’s high time now that we stop importing artists from Pakistan and make them drag audience to the cinema houses. Some of them got really lucky with bollywood and some failed to make a mark and are out of this industry already.

Why mix politics with cinema is a question I would like to raise but how does it matter ? I would not have reply from anyone as I am just one out of all the Aam Janta in India.

MNS the same party I thought could bring in revolution out of violence years ago as even Bhagat Singh believed in Violence and there’s a saying -( Behero ko dhamake ki zaroorat hoti hai)

But what has happened has happened and it’s completely unfair to boycott the film now as things aren’t the same as it was a few months ago. The lead actors present in the film are Indians so why harass and drag down your own countrymen.

Raj Thackeray the same guy who had to send out goons to beat up North Indians working in Maharashtra is now concerned about the country ? The ones who died in the Uri Attack and other Indian Soldiers too in the past were North Indians and soldiers from all accross the country. How can banning films stop terrorism? Little bit of common understanding or a bit of maturity could’ve brought in people under their support and they could’ve won elections by huge numbers but unfortunately or fortunately it’s totally the opposite.

On one side we love our country so much that together we support Indian army, cricket matches that takes place and we come together for flag hoistings on Independence and Republic Day and on the other side we divide ourselves with bans or boycotting films or film actors and target different religions unnecessarily and this has been happening with every religion, not just mine.

How can India progress ? Compared to a few countries, we still have a long way to go. 

On Akira Directed By A.R. Murgadoss

Too much melodrama in the second half. Not saying the first half was really good but still was half decent and engaging. Sonakshi with little Karate practice can put a lot of men down which appeared silly and yes it is beyond belief.

Film had an extremely poor plot and the scenes were plotted in an unrealistic manner and Sonakshi as AKIRA doesn’t even appear as a lead character in the film to be very honest.

Anurag Kashyap steals the show completely. Though he goes missing for a long time in the second half which was a sad thing and film is only a torture if Anurag Kashayp isn’t present on screen.


Konkana Sen Sharma’s act can be another highlight of the film. She was amazing with the part assigned to her but it’s really sad to see Anurag and Konkana in a film like this where they shine but the film is a complete mess altogether.

Now the cops are the goons in the film and it was clear in the promos that they would be killed towards the end of the film but Anurag’s death shown in the film is again inconceivable. A Mutton chopper is hit on his leg and guess what he dies within 5 seconds.

Another funny thing in the film is –When a girl steals mobile phones and other gadgets in the hostel just to bring her father in bad light due certain family issues. It isn’t about the pocket money and other things, It’s because the father is unhappy with her marks.

What made Murgadoss pen down such a bad story? The director behind Holiday and Ghajini shouldn’t have thought of a comeback with such a poor film.

Kill Bill might have influenced him to do a film a film like this. Well Fab Fim Making I would say.  :p


On Happy Bhaag Jaayegi.. 

Well it’s a typical Anand L Rai film and I was never a fan of his films.

This film made no sense from the start and to enter Pakistan is a cake walk according to the makers of the film. Its really tough to accept what is thrown on us which is how easily one can enter Pakistan and paint the streets red. In Bajrangi Bhaijaan it was the same case and trust me I hated it to the core not because they only tried to show Pakistan as a good country despite knowing the reality but for the stupidity happening at the border and you only die if yo are caught trying to cross the border.


In this film there are some amazing songs and performances which appear as an highlight but the rest of the things well are forgettable and monotonous.

Its not even well shot. Certain bad films have a lot of things to go gaga over. It was a bad experience is all what I would say.

Abhay and Diana are extremely talented and they have done full justice to the characters assigned and Jimmy too was quite decent with his part and did manage to leave a mark.

Well nothing else is nice. I saw two bad films one after the other. Unindian that released this week too is extremely bad and awful. Expecting better films in coming weekends.

Abhay Deol the supremely talented actor deserves better and I really hope he gets better films in future as all of us have liked him in certain films in the past.


I don’t know what to say about this crap which doesn’t even bring a smile on your face throughout and they include the film under The Comedy Genre. Very bad performances and this isn’t even a film in my opinion. The Director thought lets just make Brett Lee an actor as we don’t see him much on Television and other platforms these days.It’s pretentious and loud and the director is trying too hard to make a point


Nothing about the film was good. Film was completely shot in Australia but the Camera guy couldn’t even make Australia look good in the film. The supporting actors were really bad with the work assigned and the film is only sinking down from the start to the end.

Brett Lee was half decent with the role offered to him but this plot(less) crap doesn’t make anything look like an highlight in the film.

Well a film that is boring and makes no sense throughout has no chances to do well.

Miss it

But wait.. Watch it if you’re a Brett Lee fan.

Another actor in place of Brett Lee, Well I wouldn’t have seen the full film.